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This list may be added to as and when I find teaching that doesn't fit too well into a 'theme' as the previous sets of notes do, although some studies do belong together (such as 'Marriage and Divorce', 'Women' and 'Homosexuality'). Some of these belong to other series of notes such as the Commentaries but they turned out to be studies on themes and so are linked to here - and some are the basis upon which some of the statements elsewhere are made.


Culture (34K)
A study of the concept of culture and of the christian's necessary attitude towards it

David and Bathsheba (26K)
A study of the first meeting of David and Bathsheba and the difference between sin and judgment

Entertainment (56K)
An overview of the subject of 'Entertainment'

Eternal Habitations (54K)
A study of what the Bible has to say about the dwelling places of the dead

Fellowship (39K)
A study of what the New Testament means by the word Fellowship

Foreknowledge, Freewill and Predestination (27K)
A study which attempts to harmonise these three controversial and divisive topics

Gambling (43K)
An overview of the subject of 'Gambling'

Giving (29K)
Incorporated into the Leviticus notes, this is a study of the Biblical perspective on Giving

Jehoshaphat (71K)
A study on the incident of the invasion of Judah with background on king Jehoshaphat's life

Josiah and Neco (21K)
A study on the events surrounding the death of king Josiah

Marriage and Divorce (109K)
A study of the 'mechanics' of marriage and divorce

Nimrod (21K)
A study of the Old Testament character of Nimrod with application to the current world systems

Parables (11K)
A brief consideration of the reason why God speaks to people in parables

Perfection (20K)
A study of the New Testament concept of Perfection based around Phil 2:14-16

Priests (20K)
Incorporated into the Leviticus notes, this is a study of the subject of Priests in the Old and New Testaments

Praise and Worship (132K)
A study of the Biblical concepts of 'praise' and 'worship' which attempts to root present day words and experiences back into Scripture

Prophecy and Matthew chapter 24 (105K)
An attempt at obtaining a working understanding of Biblical prophecy and its application to Matthew chapter 24

Romans 14 (19K)
Incorporated into the Leviticus notes, this is a study of Romans 14 and the differences between weak and strong believers

Sails - part 1 (54K)
Part 1 of a study of the contrasts between the way of the Spirit and the way of tradition

Sails - part 2 - A New Battle Needs a New Strategy (28K)
Part 2 of a study of the contrasts between the way of the Spirit and the way of tradition

Scripture (71K)
A study of the concept of 'Scripture' and an answer to the question as to whether there is such a thing as 'New Scripture'

Secular Music (27K)
A study of what the Bible has to say about music

Suffering (24K)
A study of the purpose of suffering

Superstition (28K)
A brief discussion of superstition and its presence in the Church

The Book of Nahum (401K)
A commentary of the Book of Nahum

The Book of Habakkuk (305K)
A commentary of the Book of Habakkuk

The Book of Revelation (301K)
A short overview of the Book of Revelation with a few specific comments on selected passages

The Break (36K)
A study of the need for change, how God accomplishes it and examples of how God uses people powerfully even before they change

The Good Shepherd (44K)
A study of the statement of Jesus concerning the Good Shepherd

The Nazirite (38K)
Incorporated into the Leviticus notes, this is a study of the Nazirite as defined in Numbers 6

The Overthrow Of Western Civilisation (45K)
Bringing together notes on Homosexuality and Propitiation, this compares what the Bible has to say about the overthrow of civilisations with the work of Sir John Glubb

The Word of God (60K)
A study on the NT concept of the phrase 'word of God' and how it relates to the NT concept of 'Scripture'

Women (105K)
Incorporated into the Colossians notes, this is a study on the role, position and authority of women in the Church


Brexit (14K)
A short consideration of the outcome of the UK's Brexit Referendum with the underlying cause of the rise of Nazism in Germany

Dalriada (152K)
A series of poems and prose based on the area and historical setting of the ancient kingdom of Dalriada

Hamster Gospels (232K)
A PDF file (Adobe Acrobat Reader needed) of two works - supposedly by a hamster - giving the rodent versions of certain stories in the Bible Gospels and Book of Acts

If it wasn't so serious, I'd laugh (77K)
The lighter side of my writing - articles that will cause offence and gasps of outrage


The Donkey's Tale (337K)
A 1984 booklet by Margaret Gray reproduced here. It's mainly pictures with a short amount of text and looks at the story of the donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem from an unusual viewpoint

Poetry (7K)
A brother in Christ and friend, Les Dernie, kindly allowed me to reproduce some of his poems here which, although they don't deal with the cross directly, are an extension and ministry of his faith

The Fourth Gentile Kingdom (11MB)
The author, CG Ozanne, has kindly allowed me to provide a scanned copy of this book for access and download. I refer to it several times in my various discussions of 'The End Times' and 'Biblical Prophecy' and it has always been my intention to somehow make it more accessible to the Internet Community - with the purchase of a decent scanner, it came to fruition. Unfortunately, the web page is 11MB (to be able to read the text, this final size was necessary - it takes 40 minutes for a Dial-Up connection, 4 minutes for a 'slow' Broadband connection) but, once accessed, it can be saved for offline reading. More information is available on the web page.

The Fate of Empires (2.5MB)
This item has now been removed as the Executors of/the person responsible for the Estate of Sir John Glubb has requested it so.

Another Wave Rolls In (8.2MB)
Written by Frank Bartleman and abridged to give the work 'clearer focus and greater force' (so says the Preface), this booklet charts the 'Azusa Street Revival' of the first decade of the twentieth century in California. Although the full version is still available in book form, this edition has long since gone out of print to my knowledge. It is, however, all that's necessary to see how the revival was founded, not in signs and wonders but in commitment and self-sacrifice.

Revival Fire (188KB)
This work by Charles Finney sees the Evangelist looking back on his life and trying to explain why the revivals that he'd taken part in and witnessed were no longer happening to the same extent at the current time.

Rodd and Marco (101MB)
It's been a long time since I've been able to carry 'Jurassic Church' and 'The Acts Files' by evangelists Rodd and Marco but, finally, they're back on the site for free download and use.
Please remember that these are being given freely by Rodd and Marco for personal use and, should any other use be made of them, Marco Palmer should be contacted for permission.

Churches That Abuse
and 'Recovering From Churches That Abuse' by Ronald M Enroth. Two books are linked to this web page dealing with problems mainly centred around 'Heavy Shepherding' and 'Legalistic' fellowships. It's very easy to get hung up into a judgmental attitude and to see 'demons behind the wallpaper' but, if prayerfully used, the warnings contained herein can protect us from making similar mistakes and causing irreparable damage within the Church.

The author can be contacted here