Reproduced by kind permission of Angus Hudson Ltd © 1984

In a world where publishers and copyright holders seem to be getting increasingly scared to allow web sites to use their material, it was a refreshing change to be granted permission by Angus Hudson Limited to reproduce this booklet which went out initially under the banner of Scripture Union.
May there be more publishers like themselves who care more for the Gospel than they do for financial gain or about copyright infringement!
The original publication was copyright Margaret Gray 1984 and carried the ISBN number 0 86201 241 4 and it has a message that is quite timeless and relevant to a great many people who feel as if they have very little to contribute to the situations in which they find themselves - whether that be within the church they currently attend or the wider local society.
The relevant caption text for each of the pictures occurs at the bottom of each one...
Finally, the story of the donkey comes from the Gospel of Mark, chapter 11 verses 1 through 10 and the Scripture text was originally printed inside the back cover from the Good News Bible.

Original Cover

The Story

Once upon a time, there was a very ordinary girl.
One day, she heard a knock at the door.

It was the world asking her for help.

'Why me?' she asked.

'What can I do to help?'

'Why not someone with more sense who is more reliable?
I always make mistakes'

'Or someone who knows what to say?
When I want to say what I feel'

'Hundreds of words race to the edge of my mouth fighting to be the first to come out and they all get mixed up'

'Or why not one of those people who are brilliant at everything?'

'Or at least someone less afraid?'

'I'm just useless!'

'You too?' said a donkey.

'Just look at me' he said 'I've got long funny ears...'

' legs are too short...'

'...and I'm often stubborn and moody'

'But, a long time ago...'

' a faraway land...'

'...a Man chose me'

'Not a dashing white horse, but funny old me'

'He was heavy and the road was long, but He always gave me the strength to get there'

'You see, when a racehorse runs fast, no one is surprised...'

'When a beautiful beast is graceful, people accept it as natural...'

'And no one is startled when a cart horse is strong'

'But when people saw me carrying this Man and I wasn't clumsy and I didn't kick or grumble...'

'They were seeing a miracle - something happening that was bigger than me'

'He doesn't need another genius - He needs a few donkeys who know they have to depend on
His strength - not theirs
His wisdom - not theirs
His words - not theirs'

'So it doesn't matter that I feel useless?' said the girl.
'He will show me what to do and will give me what I need to do it?'

'Yes' said the donkey.
'And the other thing about being a donkey is, every now and then...'

' stand in front of a mirror...'

'...and have a good laugh!'