Another Wave Rolls In
or 'What Really Happened at Azusa Street?'
by Frank Bartleman

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'Another Wave Rolls In' was published in 1962 by Voice Christian Publications Inc in America and was a condensed version of Frank Bartleman's much longer work that described the Azusa Street revival in the first decade of the twentieth Century in California. The booklet had been originally published in 1925 but the new Publishers felt the need to abridge it in places to give the account 'clearer focus and greater force'.

In scanning the book, I have discarded the 'Special Introduction' by Arthur Wallis that took up seventeen pages prior to the account of the Azusa Street Revival. I felt that it detracted from the importance of Bartleman's narrative and said very little of use that believers can glean from other sources.

What's important to my mind is to reproduce here Bartleman's own eyewitness account of the Revival he experienced and to try and ignore everything else. It will be obvious to the reader that much of what has been attributed to the Azusa Street Revival is erroneous and that many movements that look back to Azusa Street as being the spring from which they came have really not learnt the lessons of the Revival at all.

At the foot of the text, I include a short letter that I wrote to the Assemblies of God Magazine numerous years ago and that, surprisingly, they went ahead and published. In it, I tried to draw the denomination's attention to the lack of similarity between how the movement 'started' and how it was 'continuing' at the time of writing.


Letter in 'Redemption' Magazine

August 1989