Churches That Abuse
Recovering From Churches That Abuse
by Ronald M Enroth

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I first read 'Churches That Abuse' a great many years ago and, although not shocked by the content (after all, I've been in places in the UK where the same 'problems' were resident), it was quite an eye opener to see the depth of carnage that was often perpetrated in the name of Christ within the Body of Believers, the Church. That there are disasters perpetrated outside the Body by non-believers is no great shock - but that such problems were occurring within the Church was a cause for personal concern.

There are two sides to every story, though - and, while we should all recall in horror at some of the extremes that are recorded here, we must also note that sometimes how things appear to us and how we react to situations are what affects us more than anything.

Nevertheless, both 'Churches That Abuse' - and, the follow up, 'Recovering from Churches That Abuse' - are essential reading, not to point the finger and condemn other fellowships but to use to judge our own groups that we might not repeat such mistakes.

I found both these Acrobat format (pdf) files on the web and, therefore, am assuming that the work done to convert them is Public Domain. Ronald Enroth (the author) has also graciously given me permission to post them here '...provided no fee is ever charged for access'.

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