The Fourth Gentile Kingdom
(in Daniel and Revelation)
by C G Ozanne MA PhD

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I am grateful to CG Ozanne for allowing me to provide a scanned copy of this book for access and download on the web. A hard copy is also available for a very nominal fee from the Open Bible Trust - it's much easier to read on a bus than to try and access a laptop! Besides, a hard copy is always, in my opinion, easier to access.

I first discovered the book on a dusty shelf of my local christian bookstore over 20 years ago and was, at first, worried about why no one had bought it. Taking the plunge (I was only a very young believer back then), I realised that it answered a great many questions that I had been thinking about.

Although I don't agree with all the book's contents, the threefold foundational explanation of prophecy contained here is nowhere else duplicated, as far as I'm aware, except in my own notes. I've referred to the book on my web pages on Matthew Chapter 24 in the Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew, the separate page Prophecy and Matthew 24 and my short overview of The Book of Revelation.

The web page can be saved for offline reading by clicking 'File' and 'Save As' in Internet Explorer or 'File' and 'Save Page As' in Firefox. The width of some of these images approaches 1000 pixels but as many people now have screen resolutions that exceed these widths, there shouldn't be a problem with having to scroll from left to right.