The Cross/Festivals of Jehovah/The Seven Churches
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This site has been put together with 'slow modems', 'slow processors' and 'low RAM' in mind as its envisaged that the main access this site will get is from Third World countries or areas where computer technology is somewhat limited.

Therefore, you'll find very few graphics - and those that do occur are, hopefully, put together with the minimum of download time in mind. Though it would have been possible to eliminate all charts and sketches, sometimes these can help people dramatically understand the text so they've been included.

This is a site that relies heavily on text based documents. Its purpose is to provide a foundational teaching resource for believers and those wanting to know about christianity.

In today's economic climate, it's not possible to get book publishers to take on a book of this scope that deals with these sorts of subjects unless one is an eminent scholar or has a good itinerant ministry from which he/she can guarantee a good quantity of books being sold.

Although I approached a number of such organisations when the first draft of the cross series was completed, there was no one who showed any real interest, even though there were no criticisms of the work (but I don't believe that it's perfect by saying that!).

Therefore, to place this material on a web site gives many people opportunity to access it free of charge - and that's how I expect it to remain.

I'm willing for these documents to be the starting point for believers' own study and for them to be able to use them to instruct others - free of charge. You're invited to copy these to your hard disk, reproduce them as a hard copy and freely distribute them. But, should the day come when a certain profit is about to be made by their use, then it's time to contact me directly for my share!

I hope that these notes will be of use to all who have a relationship with Jesus Christ through His work on the cross and to all who want to know more about the Bible's claims about that work.

Please contact me at the address below with your comments, suggestions - or just general mail.

Lee Smith
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Introduction (14K)

Proving that Jesus is the Christ
The Genealogy of Christ (39K + 111K linked articles)

Doctrines for Conversion/becoming a christian
Repentance (80K)
(Living) Faith (69K)
Baptism (in water) (70K)

Doctrines of the Cross
Redemption (50K)
Creation/Restoration of Creation (152K)
Propitiation (58K)
Covenant (72K)
Justification/Righteousness (25K)
Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement) (64K)
(The Year of) Jubilee (76K)
Ascension (42K)

Miscellaneous Doctrines
Healing (45K)
Love of God (33K)

These subjects are totally distinct from the above series of notes and the links to 'References' and the like do not include specific mention of them. However, as in the case of the link mentioned, the 'common references' do apply here.

Introduction (39K)
Sabbath (30K)
Passover (97K)
Unleavened Bread (22K)
First Fruits (27K)
Pentecost (30K)
Intermediate Festival (27K)
Trumpets (41K)
Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement) (7K)
Tabernacles (131K)
Afterword (9K)

Leviticus - A commentary/critique based on another by Gary North
Amos - Home Page
Nahum (401K) - A full size commentary in one file
Habakkuk (305K) - A full size commentary in one file
Haggai - Home Page
Zechariah - Home Page
Matthew - Home Page
Colossians - Home Page
Revelation (301K) - A brief overview of the Book

This is a series of studies on the letters to the seven churches of the Book of Revelation (chapters 2 and 3) with historical pointers and archaeological discoveries used to interpret the text.
Many commentaries try to look futuristically (eschatologically) at the text and so never see what the churches who received the letters were told to do, missing out on a great deal of valuable insight into the state of the church of the first century. I have tried to view these letters always in the context in which they were given to the relevant fellowships.

Introduction (31K)
Ephesus (36K)
Smyrna (38K)
Pergamum (62K)
Thyatira (39K)
Sardis (58K)
Philadelphia (46K)
Laodicea (52K)

The 'Miscellaneous Doctrines' have continued to grow so, to try to unclutter this web page and make it as short as possible, I've given it its own web page which can be found by clicking on the link below.
The subjects dealt with include Eternal Habitations, Fellowship, Foreknowledge Freewill and Predestination, The Love of God, Nimrod, Perfection, Sails, A New Battle Needs a New Strategy, Secular Music, Giving, Priests, Romans 14, The Nazirite, Parables, Prophecy and Matthew chapter 24, Suffering and, finally, The Good Shepherd.

Miscellaneous Doctrines

I guess that some people will want to know just how I became a christian. A few people have emailed me over the months this web site has been on line and asked me to state a bit about myself and about what I believe in (that is, a 'statement of fundamental belief').
The latter can really only be seen by reading the site - all quite straightforward, I hope.
But, to provide some background to who I am, I have included the testimony of how I became christian and some of the things that God has gone on to do in my life.

Testimony (55K)

Although I appreciate every link that has been placed on web sites throughout the world which refer back to this one (and also the Search Engines that have catalogued the site for people seeking for information), I decided not to link to any sites as I felt that I would necessarily need to check out their contents before being able to recommend them.

George was a hamster that we owned quite a number of years ago who was reputed to have written numerous stories that we translated for him into English. Please note that no animals were injured in the writing of these stories...


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