We self-published George's first Book way back in 2008 - and still have a few copies of that pressing in boxes in the attic.

However, now is about as good a time as any to place a pdf copy of that book online for anyone interested in reading what is probably the greatest collection of literary works ever to have come from the paw of a Golden Hamster.

The version linked to below is the final text version before the ISBN Number was added and the cover put together.

The Stories Of George The Hamster

Because George's first book was never fully picked up, subsequent books weren't published.

I found it a shame that, although we self-published the first book, even the christian shops wouldn't assess it with a view to carrying it - not even my local one! I would have altered the text at a couple of points to make it more accessible to a secular readership had I known that.

That meant that a sequel wasn't possible to be published. But here are the three subsequent hamster books - I did proofread these a number of years ago but haven't done so again prior to placing them on the web. Apologies if I've left one or two errors in.

The Legacy Of George The Hamster

Nothing Much To Do With George The Hamster

To Boldly Do What No Hamster Has Done Before