George the hamster was truly a literary genius. His research into the rodent history of the world was only surpassed by his creative genius in which he compellingly demonstrated that hamsters were there at the most important events in recorded human history though, being so small, they often went unnoticed.

Now brought together in one volume, human history will need to be re-written from a rodent perspective - too long have humans held control of the pen of history and claimed to be pre-eminent.

In this book, read about the first hamster in space, the rodent who flew for the RAF in World War 2 and the Babylonian hamster who found himself in the same lions' den as the great Daniel.

Learn how Furatio Half-Nelson won the Battle of Copenhagen, how the Lone Hamster overcame enemies more numerous than himself in the Wild West and how the most famous rodent detective of all time, Furlock Holmes, solved the greatest of all the sunflower seed robberies of history.

This 256 page, 80,000 word book will live on in your memory, long after the translators have been committed.

Suggested minimum reading age:
Humans - 10 years and upwards
Hamsters - not before 2 months
George wrote these stories for all ages, however, and it was never intended to be a children's book.

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