There are a series of zip packages on this web page which enable people to download the contents of the teaching web site to be saved on their computer. This makes the notes able to be accessed offline.

Finally, please note that these pages have been produced for the benefit of the Church. Feel free to distribute the packages whereever you wish and to whoever needs them - including overseas and especially to Third World countries where christian literature is somewhat scarce.

I used to provide self-extracting executable files for the web site but, because there are more Operating Systems out there than I can test the packages on, I've had to decide to only provide zip/compressed files which should be extractable on most systems.

These six zipped files of the entire contents of the teaching pages are available by right-clicking the following links and choosing for each the option 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' depending on the browser being used, making sure that you save the files to your desktop.

The files should then be extracted to a single folder on your Hard Drive and a shortcut made to the home page titled 'index.htm'. From this page, all others can be accessed. I have deliberately divided the files up so that they can more easily be saved on floppy diskettes for transport wherever, but make sure they're extracted in order.

When extracting, please allow files 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 to overwrite the previously extracted files as certain links to some of the pages will be absent unless you do. Once extracted, the files will take up approximately 19MB of disk space.

Zip 1 (1.30MB) Version 17 November 2013

Zip 2 (1.24MB) Version 17 February 2010

Zip 3 (1.25MB) Version 26 December 2011

Zip 4 (1.31MB) Version 17 February 2010

Zip 5 (1.11MB) Version 9 January 2013

Zip 6 (1.23MB) Version 6 August 2013

Zip 7 (1.12MB) Version 1 October 2019

Zip 8 (860KB) Version 10 June 2020

Zip 9 (1.04MB) Version 10 June 2020

I can now provide a single zip file of the entire site having recently had the web space allocation drastically increased. The file is below and the shortcut as detailed above is all that would need to be made once the single file is extracted into a folder on your Hard Drive.

Full Site (10.3MB) Version 10 June 2020

I am no longer able to supply a self-extractable executable file of the entire site.

I can be contacted here
Lee Smith