A breakdown of Lev chapters 1-7 into categories/weights and measures

To ease personal study, I’m listing here a simplified breakdown of Leviticus chapters 1-7. The passage nicely breaks down into ‘offerer’s laws’ followed by the ‘priest’s laws’ though instructions concerning both will be found at both points - nevertheless, the main thrust of the passages do relate to the relative sides that take part in the offering.

Offerer’s Laws
Chapter 1 - the burnt offering
Chapter 2 - the cereal offering
Chapter 3 - the peace offering
Chapter 4 - the sin offering
Chapter 5:1-13 - strange offerings (probably a sin offering)
Chapter 5:14-6:7 - the guilt offering

Priest’s Laws
Chapter 6:8-13 - the burnt offering
Chapter 6:14-23 - the cereal offering (including the priest’s daily cereal offering)
Chapter 6:24-30 - the sin offering
Chapter 7:1-10 - the guilt offering
Chapter 7:11-36 - the peace offering (including fat and blood prohibitions)
Chapter 7:37-38 - concluding verses

There are some weights and measures that need defining as the archaic measurements probably don’t mean too much to us today. However, I shall ignore the metric equivalents, having been brought up in good old imperial!

The definitions are here based upon the article ‘Weights and Measures’ in Zondervans Pictorial Encyclopaedia of the Bible but, as noted there, the actual relative conversions are only estimations as we can’t be absolutely sure exactly what the standard measure was at any point within the Biblical narrative (except where archaeological discoveries can lend a helping hand).

Ephah - a measure of dry weight corresponding to somewhere between 5 and 8 gallons (40 and 64 pints). It appears that dry measure in ancient Israel was determined by volume rather than by mass.
Hin - a measure of liquid volume corresponding to around 7 pints. Though this is only an approximation, it does make the quantities of liquids specified in Numbers 15 rather large.
Log - a measure of liquid volume corresponding to around 0.7 pints.

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