Extract from 'The Stories of George the Hamster'


A Human's Introduction
Acknowledgements and Thanks

The Hamster History of the World

High Moon (The Lone Hamster)
The Battle of Copenhagen (Furatio Half-Nelson)
Tappuwocky (Isaac Newton)
The Virtuoso Performance of Mandy Reid
The Capture of Sardis
The Space Walk of Buzz Hamstrin
The Great Sunflower Seed Robbery (Furlock Holmes)
The Last Flight of Douglas Hamster
The Imprisonment of Tutanhamster (Joseph)
The Master Stroke
The Big Sleep
What if... (Blondin)
The Hamster Olympics
The Dark-Skinned Stranger (David at Adullam)
Gerbileo (Galileo)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Duck Pond
The Pilgrim Hamsters (The Mayflower)
Hamster in the Lions' Den
The Great Escape (Noah's Ark)
The Final Battle (Robin Hood)
Select Bibliography

An English Hamster in Paris

The Louvre (Michael Hamstelo)
The Place du Tertre (Baron von Richtenhamster)
L'Opera de Paris and Hamdini (The Hamster of the Opera)
Rue de Rome (Hamanini)
Notre Dame and Versailles (Quasimodo)
L'Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower (The Unknown Soldier)
Charles de Gaulle

A Tail of Two Hamsters (An English Hamster in Scotland) 

The Journey (The Highland Games)
The Arrival (Ethelrat the Viking)
The Rest
The Island (Iona)
The Truffles (Furlock Holmes)
The Celebration (Sabre-toothed Hamsters)
The Observatory
The River
The Departure

Appendix - For a Few Peanuts More (The Lone Hamster Rides Again)


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