Noah received no promise that through his descendants the Messiah would be brought to earth, even though it would have been impossible to do it any other way when he ended up being the man through whom all of mankind must now be able to trace back their ancestry.

Just recently, I watched a television program and heard the ‘fact’ repeated on the radio, that all mankind was now known to have descended through a maximum of six women in times past. Although the number of six doesn’t perfectly match the ‘three’ who were the wives of the three sons of Noah (Gen 6:10, 7:7), Noah’s wife should also be included as she was probably from a separate genealogical line which makes four individuals.

Even if believers were to concede that ‘four’ should be ‘six’ (which there’s no reason to), the testimony of Scripture that all mankind today have descended from only a handful of women was something which the Bible proclaims. And, if this is provable, attention should also be paid to the memory of the ancients who noted that it came about through a universal cataclysmic event.

Noah’s call (Gen 6:13) made mention only of the coming judgment and said nothing about God’s purposes for the redemption of both Creation and His creature.

The promise and command given to Noah after the judgment of the Flood (Gen 9:1-17) also made no mention of the Messianic line, but was concerned solely with instructions concerning food and a declaration that never again would God judge the world by sending upon the earth a flood.

Therefore, Noah isn’t considered amongst those patriarchs who received a specific word from God that they’d been chosen by Him to be a ‘father’ in the direct lineage of the Messiah.