I Chr 2:12

It’s interesting to note that the tribal inheritance (in the town ‘Bethlehem-Judah’ of the KJV’s Judges 17:7 rather than the city of Bethlehem mentioned as the tribal allotment of Zebulun in Joshua 19:15) of Salmon (if he was the one who married Rahab) had been passed down through Boaz (Ruth 1:2,22) to Jesse (I Sam 16:1,4) who would have been tending sheep and growing crops on the same land as had his predecessors.

In one sense, Boaz’s inheritance was already ‘famous’ (the local event of Ruth and Boaz would have continued to have been told - though I don’t suppose they erected a plaque ‘on this site in the year...’ as we would today) but futuristically it was about to become the most important inheritance of all - the promise of the Messiah through the lineage of David.