Thank you for dropping by George's page and taking time to read what's been posted there. If you want to contact myself or my wife for further information or to query something, please drop us an email as below (please excuse the rather cryptic, do-it-yourself address but I'm trying to safeguard against my email address being trawled for the sending of spam). We always reply to reasonable email so, if you haven't received a response within a few days, please re-email us as we occasionally have correspondence go missing.

It may also be that we're dead as we are attempting to secure the web site (the George sub-site is only one of many sections) to continue for many years after we're no longer able to maintain it.

The email address ends and is prefixed by 'yoninah', 'the' and 'cat' all as one continuous word.

Lee and Kath Smith

January 2010